Telemarketing for Accountants, Marketing Consultants, in Cambridgeshire and Nationwide.

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"We found telemarketing to be very worthwhile. The Lead Generation and Making Appointments by Anna for our Sales Team have been valued and enabled opportunities we would not have had."
Patricia Moss, Operations Director, Anglia Circuits Ltd, St Ives, Cambs


" Maxine provided telemarketing, marketing help and training for us. She really does know her stuff. We highly recommend her for any marketing needs you have. If she can't get you results, I don't think anyone could!!! She is Cambridgeshire's Ruth Badger (but much nicer!) "
Sallie Steward, Managing Director, Easiprint Ltd, Huntingdon, Cambs



Telemarketing That Increases Your Sales... No Gimmicks...No Tricks...Just Simple Proven Telemarketing Approaches With Excellent Return On Investment.

Our telemarketing and support solutions increases your sales using a variety of different approaches to suit your business needs, your style, your audience and your budget.


Based in Cambridgeshire we specialise in Telemarketing for Accountants & Bookkeepers, Professional and Specialised industries including Marketing Consultants, all things IT, and Education.

Telemarketing and support services can be combined for targeted projects. Scroll to the bottom of this page if you know what you are looking for or Contact us to talk through your telemarketing requirements.


For Accountants, please check out our NEW marketing service for Annual Accounts and Returns

Our price structures vary from fixed rates to pay per lead or pay per appointment. Choose whatever telemarketing approach you think fits your business best.

So We Get Told That We Are "The Best Telemarketing Company Bar None!"...

A Marketing Consultant described us in these words on twitter which was great considering he did not previously rate telemarketing very highly. When we started our business we simply set out to do a good job so that people would use us again and that is precisely how we have built our business - on referrals and repeat business. What matters to us is that our clients perceive a telemarketing campaign to be a success.


We regularly receive feedback about how different we are to other telemarketing companies in that our approaches are flexible and we get results through understanding the business and the end result. We provide excellent services such as dedicated CRM systems, real time reporting, feedback and analysis aswell as Pipeline for most telemarketing campaigns.


Our clients feed back to us that they find us easy to do business with. We don't over-complicate things but are able to present options and help prioritise projects to give the best return for money and effort.


Our telemarketing people are mature, experienced, professionals who have a good commercial outlook and find ways to help our clients achieve their goals. Honesty and transparency have helped us build trust with our clients. They know we are not robots following a script, and use skill, knowledge, technology and proven approaches which are fit for purpose and which complement an organisation and industry.