Would you point out spelling mistakes on websites?

I am probably showing my age and I don’t mean to be a spelling snob but I think it can really put readers off when there are spelling mistakes all over a website.

So, the question is would you contact a complete stranger to let them know of their spelling mistakes?

And, would you want other people to point out spelling mistakes to you if they were on your website?

Max :)

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  • http://nil Dave

    I will not purchase items from any website which has a spelling mistake.

  • Sue

    It is such a shame that standards seem to have gone out of the window when it comes to spelling and grammar. I’m reliably told that schools no longer teach spelling or correct mistakes. I had an email from a teacher once spelling the abbreviated version of you are as your. What hope is there!! I would be very reluctant to use the services of someone who publishes material with numerous spelling mistakes. It doesn’t say much for their attention to quality and detail.

  • http://www.theefficiencycoach.co.uk Heather Townsend

    I do mentally highlight spelling mistakes… however if it is on a website & I know the owner of the site, I will send them an e-mail letting them know.

    If it is a twitter bio, I have been known to DM the person and let them know of the mistake.

    A copywriter had spelt partner, ‘parter’ in their twitter BIO, I couldn’t let that one go…

  • http://www.services-plus.co.uk Mark Barton

    It would depend on the relationship with the person. If I know them well then I would let them know about spelling mistakes, broken links etc via an email or DM on twitter.

    I’m sure that we all have gone through a piece that we wrote and the brain ‘sees’ what you wanted to write

    • http://www.grammartogo.co.uk Jane Penson

      I completely agree with Mark. I will only point out mistakes of any kind if either a) I have been asked to comment or b) I know the author well enough to be sure that they will take the comments in the spirit in which they were intended. In other words I am very careful not to be a grammar nazi, pointing out errors to make myself look good. That kind of behaviour annoys me more than the original error

  • http://www.maxxy.co.uk Maxxy

    Thank you Helen for pointing out a spelling mistake on my website last week. I really appreciate it so guess that others would too as Nikki says :)
    … anyone would think I wrote this article to get everyone to proof read my site LOL (Honestly, I didn’t!) :)

  • http://www.thewordwell.co.uk Nikki

    Hi there

    Great blog topic, Maxxy… (Wish I’d thought of it!)

    Spelling accuracy is part and parcel of a professional online image. As a copywriter, I’m obviously a bit anal about spellings – but only because I believe your online words act as the voice of your business.

    However, that said, people are often oblivious to their own spelling mistakes and if sales copy isn’t proofread, all sorts of errors can unintentionally creep into the public domain.

    Rather than seek to humiliate people, I often send a short, friendly email pointing out spelling slip-ups. I find most recipients grateful that someone was honest with them.


  • http://www.theinspiredgroup.com Ann Hawkins

    Just listened to Jamie Oliver (who is severely dyslexic) explain that he spell checked pancetta and it came out as placenta. He posted it on his blog! Hope no one tried to follow that recipe ….

  • http://www.maxxy.co.uk Maxxy

    Thanks for comments everyone. I won’t be shy and will point things out in future.

    And thanks Anna for pointing out to me that we had an extra “is” on our data cleansing page (eek!)

  • http://neilryder.wordpress.com Neil Ryder

    Pointed out more than a spelling mistake this morning – whole piece of text missing!

  • http://vatark.co.uk/ Robert Killington

    I agree with Neil that spelling errors and poor grammar make a website look less than professional.

    I wouldn’t mention such errors if the meaning of the post was clear. But if I know the author reasonably well I might send a private note to them.

    On the other hand I have no great qualms about mentioning technical errors in my area of expertise to authors, again privately if possible so as not to embarrass them.

    The use of spell checkers is great so long as you remember that all it tells you is that the words used are spelt correctly, but not whether they are the right words nor whether they are in the right order! 😉

  • http://www.aloeverasomerset.co.uk Neil Whitehead

    I think spelling is such an integral part of the image, especially online. Mistakes give such an amateur feel.

    • Emma

      Are they spelling mistakes or typos? There is a difference but either way copy/content should be checked and I am a culprit of typos lol

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