Why you should index your phone number for Telemarketing purposes

This may seem like an odd tip to provide for telemarketing results but let me explain…

Screen shot 2012-04-30 at 11.03.01

When I say index your phone number I mean to make this a specific keyword or phrase that is found by search engines. In the screenshot above I have used our phone number 01480 878082 for illustration purposes.

People will do a google search for phone numbers and it’s important that the results return something relevant and professional.

If a phone number has been displayed via CLI on an outbound telemarketing call, the person being called may exercise discretion as to whether to pick up and answer there and then or let it go to voicemail.

Anonymous calls are less likely to get answered and calls with a phone number displayed get answered more frequently.

If someone misses a call from a displayed phone number they may decide to perform a search for the number that called them. If the results look interesting, they are more likely to call back.

It also helps even if they don’t call back immediately. Next time the telemarketing call is made the person remembers the company that they looked up and is more likely to answer the call.

Having a local number displayed can be powerful too as it lets the people you are calling know you are a local caller. Obviously with the flexibility of VOIP solutions you may not actually be that local to them but just serving that local area.

Indexing your phone number is very easy and inexpensive to do. Maybe you have a contact us page. Make sure you put the phone number in the first section of the paragraph that is being indexed rather than a long way down a pile of text. This way it is likely to get displayed in the little summary that you see when viewing google results.

You can vanity check your phone number yourself by just typing it into Google and see what comes up.

So hopefully you can see how indexing your phone number can help improve telemarketing results from encouraging call backs in to your business from outbound telemarketing calls, and improve the rate of contact attempts to conversations, as well as improving your internet marketing.

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