Why don’t people hang up on telemarketers?

People often assume that Telemarketing is a rotten job to do and that telemarketers get hung up on all the time. This really is not true for b2b telemarketing in the UK.

Hang up
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But since this gets assumed a lot I thought this worthy of a blog post.

Things that stop you getting hung up on

* Only call businesses phone numbers that are not registered on CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service)
* As above but checked every 28 days
* Calling that is targeted so that they are perceived as irrelevant.
* Calling with a professional approach
* Calling with a specific purpose in mind
* Have a name of the right person to speak with
* Get to the point and have something interesting to say

I cannot remember the last time that we were hung up on other than just merely calling at an inconvenient time with a call ending abruptly.

Unfortunately so many people have experience poor telemarketing calls that they assume that it is not an attractive method of marketing for their business.

Why not give me a call and have a chat about telemarketing options for your own business as you might be surprised at the variety of different options usually available to you?

This post was inspired by a question posted on Quora. You can read my answer here where it is relevant to telemarketing in the UK along with other contributions on the thread.

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