Where to advertise your Telemarketing Opportunities

Someone just visited my blog using the term “where to advertise telemarketing opportunities” so I thought it would be useful as a telemarketing company in the UK to respond to this search.

At Maxxy we tend to respond to

* Linkedin discussions, forum discussions, twitter, other social media.
* Freeindex

There are some pay-per-lead sites around where you can submit your telemarketing requirements and then telemarketing companies can purchase those leads if they wish and make contact with a view to providing quotes for services. We don’t subscribe to those services as we tend to rely on our own generated leads (that’s what we do for a living!)

Experience and skill can be very important to the success of a telemarketing campaign so if a telemarketing company specialising in your particular industry then they are likely to have optimised terms such as “telemarketing for accountants” or “Telemarketing for IT” so it may be worth spending time searching by certain terms and contacting those telemarketing companies directly either via email or via their contact form.

Hope that helps and if you want to chat about your telemarketing requirements you can call us on 01480 878082 or if you prefer email then info@maxxy.co.uk

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