When are Telemarketing numbers games good?

I don’t usually advocate the “numbers game” in telemarketing campaigns as usually it is a lazy method that relies of low levels of success through probability.

However, in some cases the “numbers game” can be a good approach.

Where there is a proven ratio of call attempts to a lead or appointment the numbers game can then become a “race for reward”.  It can be a very effective method where little product or service knowledge is required to generate interest. By this I mean where the product or service is straightforward and the benefits are very clearly and quickly understood.  There is not much time needed to engage or have meaningful discussions as in these cases it is quick to identify the “not interested” and focus attention to qualify and generate interest in the remaining calls.

The Telemarketing Agency secret is that they won’t tell you that it is easy to do with little or no skill and they will talk mostly about the effort associated with 150 calls performed in a day. In reality 150 calls of this nature can easily be done in little more than half a day

The types of telemarketers who work on numbers game campaigns need to be highly motivated and resilient. This method is not for the faint hearted as they need to be professional enough to not treat rejection as a set back but to see each rejection as getting closer to a Yes (laws of probability).

The last consideration is more to do with how the client is represented as there can be a temptation for the telemarketer to be a bit too quick sometimes to get a yes or no and this can run the risk of conveying an uncaring or unprofessionalism image.

Another risk is the quality of management reports as telemarketers want to record the minimum amount of call history before moving onto the next call.

So if you are considering a numbers-game approach, consider whether your product or service is straight forward, whether the benefits are clearly and quickly understood, how your company is represented, and what management reports are in place.

It’s also a good idea to get a reference or testimonial from a client in the same industry as possible.

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