What is the average cost of a good and reliable telemarketing lead?

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This article was inspired by a question posed on Quora in the context of costs of generating leads via a variety of methods so I thought it would be a good idea to have this as a blog article for lead generation via telemarketing specifically.

When it comes to UK telemarketing and cold calling for lead generation and the cost for each lead generated the variables tend to be as follows:

* Geographical location – Larger cities can be more difficult than smaller towns.

* Size of business being targeted – the larger the organisation the more difficult it is generally to get to speak with decision makers.

* How competitive the marketplace is – generally the more competitive the market is the more effort and skill required to identify prospects and generate leads.

Lead generation results are influenced by sale price, complexity of the product or service, target audience, how receptive they are to a value proposition by phone. When the calls are made such as seasonal trends is also a factor along with how much preparation and targeting is done before a telemarketing call is made.

Other factors are also things such as the types of job titles involved in the decision making as some people in job roles are generally more difficult to get hold of and have a conversation with than others.

The main cost with telemarketing is the time taken to generate each lead and there is usually a direct cost with time for salary. Therefore if it takes 30 minutes to generate each lead the price for each lead will be calculated using that formula. So the more time taken to generate each lead with telemarketing, the higher the cost will be.

The length of time to generate each lead can be reduced by:

* Better targeting
* More preparation before the call
* Having an offer
* Increased skill levels of the telemarketer
* Taking a staged approach rather than a one call approach

You can read my answer here on Quora – Lead Generation and Average Cost

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