What’s in your freebie business toolkit?

Here’s my list of freebies that I often recommend to help with businesses starting up and marketing on a shoestring.

1)                 Free:  WordPress blogs

2)                 Free:  Social media such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc but also not forgetting business forums such as ukbusinessforums.co.uk for forming business relationships and getting advice and support

3)                 Free:  Directory listings such as freeindex

4)                 Free:  Spreadsheets for Accounting and bookkeeping or ask your accountant

5)                 Free:  12pay.co.uk for payroll software with payslips and links to HMRC

6)                 Free CRM systems such as Zoho (there are others too but this is my current favourite)

7)                 Free VOIP number from Voipfone or geographical  numbers from £1.99 per month

8)                 Free TPS checks from either tps-manage (only 5 per day) or £10 per month for unlimited checks via Selectabase

9)                 Free advice and courses from Business Link. Some grants also available (varies by region/industry/need/size of business and when they are offered etc)

10)             Free:  Companies House webcheck to check companies details such as registered office

11)             Free surveys, great for market research from surveymonkeys

12)             Free bulk email trial from Constant contact but there are other systems that offer some free use too.

13)             Free networking events if you go as a guest with someone else

14)             Free landline call packages usually available for small subscription upgrade.

15)             Microsoft Security Essentials for virus protection

So what’s in your free toolkit?

  • http://netaccountant.net Tom@NetAccountant

    Along the other free software you mentioned I’d also add:

    – open office (openoffice.org) – free office suite containing software similar to Microsoft office;

    – thunderbird: free email client to replace outlook;

    – google analytics: to find out who visited your site;

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