Ways to start and open a telemarketing or telesales call

There really is a difference with the call greeting or opening phrase you would use with a telemarketing or telesales call.

If it is a sales call then the objective is to get to the decision maker in the quickest possible time with the least amount of cost and make the pitch and get the sale. Obviously I have made that sound a lot easier than it is in real life!

If it is a marketing call then the main objective is primarily to locate prospects and then to either qualify them in or out as a potential. Rceptionist or gatekeeper can sometimes help with that process depending on what the product or service is.

Phrasing questions with this approach need to be carefully planned and tested.

The opening line is the absolutely most important part of the call. It will completely make or break a campaign.

Personally I never ever start with “Can I speak with the person in charge of XXX”. Here are my reasons:

* You are implying that you don’t want to waste your time with anyone who is not important enough to be in charge (this ignores the value of influencers)

* You demonstrate that you have not done your homework in why you feel it is ok to interrupt their working day without having a good reason for it.

* You make it very easy for the person dealing with the call to say No … followed by an enormous list of possible reasons and excuses.

* By parading yourself as a blunt telemarketer/telesales caller it walks into a competitive opening almost challenging you to have the skill/tenacity to get past them. Not a start that I would prefer if can be avoided.

If you are introducing mobile phones then expect “Oh we just renewed for 3 years”. If it’s advertising space then “We get all our work through referrals” or if it’s Accountancy services then expect “We already have an accountant”.

There are much better ways of opening calls. Some pre-empt the main objection and build on it. Others lead into business benefits. Others are consultative and ask questions. There are other techniques too.

The main bit of advice apart from the opening, is to really understand in your heart of heart why you are calling and what the real benefit is to the person you are making the call to. If you cannot connect emotionally and logically with a campaign then it is like swimming uphill through treacle

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