Twitter Mistakes… I’ll share mine if you share yours!

I’ve been asked what mistakes I have made with twitter and there are a few that spring to mind. I’m not too proud to share them …

Mistake 1:  Linking twitter and linkedin account

Conversation on twitter is more casual than linkedin and some of my connections on linkedin are more traditional in their views and careful of what others in their network see of them. Some of them are job hunters who want to make a good impression for prospective employers for example.

Therefore, when I retweeted something with a swear word it linked through to my linkedin profile. Subsequently it showed up on someones profile as a recent update! eek.

I learned very quickly from that mistake to NOT link my linkedin and twitter but to use the hashtag #in instead when I deliberately want something to be updated to linkedin.

The other consideration is that people using linkedin feedback that they get intolerant of reading twitter updates from their connections.

Mistake 2:   Linking Youtube and Twitter

Another linking mistake! I totally underestimated the annoyance of tweeting updates from youtube and activity such as subscribing to a channel, liking a video, posting a comment on someones channel was being updated. Well, actually I had realised but at a time when I wasn’t on youtube very much so it didn’t matter. Then after a flurry of activity liking videos, subscribing to channels and posting comments I realised that I was filling up the whole of peoples twitter timeline! Another eek! I find it easy to use the share button instead to share via twitter, facebook etc instead of linking twitter accounts.

Mistake 3:  Using tweetdeck for multiple postings

It’s quite easy to compose a tweet on tweetdeck and send from several accounts. I know I am not the only person to have done this as I have seen other people do it too. It’s a complete giveaway if you are tweeting on behalf of someone else and people who follow both or more of these accounts get to see all the updates at the same precise moment. Be really careful of this.

Mistake 4:   Using on my phone

I went to expand the screen so I could see it better (iphone) and as I did so I touched the tweet this button. Aghhh. This meant that I had just shouted out about the person that had recently unfollowed me. Oops. Be careful of this otherwise you will look a bit confrontational and upset that someone has unfollowed you (which is not the case for me).

Mistake 5:  Linking Facebook and Twitter

My friends who are not on twitter were very puzzled with updates using twitter jargon such as @mention, RT, #ff, and especially when replying to someone as it was like hearing one half of a garbled message. I only did that for one day but still see quite a lot of other people doing it and it looks pretty weird for a facebook user.

Mistake 6:  Following other peoples lists blindly

This was a mistake as I had underestimated the amount of inactive accounts that were in lists so I don’t so this now. Instead I select active and interesting accounts to follow

So what mistakes have you made?

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