Top 10 – What Not To Do (Telemarketing)

We all assume that everyone knows how to make a telephone call in the business world don’t we?  Well, after a few surprises that let me know this was not the case, I thought I would put some down, so here are 10 of my ‘what not to do when making telemarketing calls’ points!

  • Eat whilst speaking, that includes chewing gum.
  • Continue conversation with colleague (or yourself) when your call has been answered.
  • Being down! It really does come across in your voice so smile.
  • Tut or sigh – You would be surprised how many don’t realise they are even doing it!
  • Smoke a cigarette/cigar/pipe or anything else for that matter.
  • Interrupt – if you have asked a question then let them answer it!
  • Sound like you are reading a ‘script’ even if you are – natural communication is key!
  • Ignore rapport signals – if they mention it’s their birthday, engage them!
  • ‘Mate’, ‘Dear’, ‘Sweetheart’ & ‘Love’ are not good ways to address your contact!
  • Swear! You may not think ‘crap’ is a swear word but others will – don’t risk it!

I am sure we could make it 101 but these are just a few I have thought of and come across in the past month!  Share some of yours with us as I would like to know what other people have had to address!

  • Carl Lewis

    Really great tips here. Thanks for the share!

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