The Twitter Marketing Test

As much as I really enjoy using twitter for marketing for myself and clients it isn’t always a good media. Here’s why:

Some client’s businesses would have other better uses of their time and resources. It mostly comes down to whether their prospective clients or influencers hang out on twitter.

Here’s a quick test for anyone thinking of using Twitter for their B2B Marketing

1) Make a list of the types of businesses you want to find and connect with via Twitter

2) Look at their Websites and see how many of them have twitter buttons on their sites

3) Look at their twitter accounts and see how many of them a) Are one way broadcasts (little or no engagement)
b) Haven’t been updated for a long time
c) Don’t follow many accounts

4) Now take the number of accounts that you have found that are on twitter, and do follow and engage with people and divide with the total on your original list. This gives you a % indicator.

If this is high enough for you to feel it is worth spending time and effort with Twitter than great. If not, then it is probably not right for you at the current time.

Return On Investment (ROI) is also a key consideration as different value products and services will have varying profit margins and support different levels of costs to acquire.

If a profit margin or cost-to-acquire is high, then it can be worth persevering with. For low margin / high volume products or services with a small representation on Twitter, then there may be other more attractive marketing methods available for consideration.

People can get very carried away with Twitter and spend a lot of time and effort (translates into cost right?) where they may be more beneficial options for lead generation.

I hope this test helps with some objective analysis for people considering using Twitter for marketing purposes.

Does anyone else use any other forms of testing before deciding whether Twitter is a good option?

  • Maxine

    Hi Luke

    Thanks for comments. I do actually agree with you but this post was prompted really by people who want an indication on ROI.

    Are there any indicators that you give people?


  • Luke Carthy

    Do I agree?

    Not really, no.

    I think you’re right in a way, however I also think you’re looking at Twitter back-to-front. Twitter is more than just the immediate people you’re trying to get to, it’s the people that THEY may know. That’s when twitter gets interesting.

    If I took a very logical approach to social media then I can guarantee I wouldn’t have the online following I do now.

    I used to work in advertising, specifically targeting tradesmen, (plasterers, plumbers etc) now you can pretty much guarantee that tradesmen are rarely going to end up tweeting, but what about home owners, and their potential customers?

    They are on Twitter, so instead of using Twitter to attract tradesmen, use it as a way of attracting THEIR potential customers to me and selling advertising to tradesmen that way.

    So to conclude, if you look at Twitter and social media in a logical way, you’ll get no where.

    If I’m looking at targeting mechanics in Birmingham, I don’t dig around on twitter looking for mechanics in Birmingham, I engage with people that have/like cars in Birmingham I’m targeting.

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