Telemarketing Tips and Voicemail Opportunities

If you hear the click of a voicemail and hang up you could be missing opportunities with cold calling.

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As a general guide I don’t usually encourage leaving voicemail messages for small lists and prefer instead to try to get to talk with the right person.

However, for larger lists leaving voicemails can be an opportunity

Voicemail messages sometimes contain information such as when the person is available in the office to take calls. Sometimes they provide alternative phone numbers such as mobile numbers. They may also give names of other colleagues who you could speak with.

Tips for leaving voicemail messages:

1)   Don’t sound too “yee-ha”

If you are too upbeat and salesy it will make people feel that this is what a call with you will be like with all sell,sell,sell.

2)   Don’t sound you have said it a zillion times already

Put the effort into making the message sound more personable, specialised and unique to them.

3)   Tease but don’t slime

This is really difficult to not sound slimey and slippery with your message but give enough information that comes across genuine, helpful, sincere and special without giving everything away and therefore no reason to call you back.

Professional telemarketing means putting in the effort to pre-qualify leads before calling not spamming as many people as possible with a boring and irrelevant message. Provided you have done your homework then it can work really well to leave a positive, informative voicemail message encouraging a call back for a discussion with you.

Why give it a go and see what happens?

Remember to be prepared for inbound calls as if someone calls and they get your voicemail or worse it doesn’t get answered at all, then the prospect is unlikely to try again and your hard work with your voicemail messages will have been in vain.


  • Telemarketing Companies

    Great point you have shared here regarding telemarketing and voice mail.I will remember these points at the time of voice mailing.

  • Paul

    Some very good tips Maxine, I tend not to leave voicemails as you’ve said and they rarely get a return call! I think if you do though it’s best to leave them curious and leave them a benefit of calling you.

    • Maxinemaxxy

       Thanks Paul and absolutely! Curious is great isn’t it?

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