Marketing like it’s Christmas

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Yay it’s Christmas time. Just a week to go and I haven’t quite finished shopping for gifts or done the big food shop yet. I’m hoping that the shops won’t be out of mince pies or brussel sprouts.

My state of slight panic got me thinking about marketing and telemarketing and the advice that I hear myself giving from time to time. Things I tend to mention the most are:

  • Don’t worry if not quite perfect as sometimes it’s getting on with it that matters most!
  • Have a budget and deadline to keep on track
  • Have a risk plan in place ie; money back guarantees
  • Keep things special

So this is a bit like my approach to Christmas!

Mitigate Risks…

I may end up buying duplicate gifts or something that somebody has already but it’s the thought that counts. I always have an envelope with receipts neatly inside ready for any exchanges that people would like to make. I’m thinking this year it may be the scarf that I have bought my son!  This is a bit like my telemarketing approach of money back guarantees as a safety net in case they are needed.

Have a Budget …

There is no way I would wander around my favourite shops feeling as if I had no limit to what I could spend. I would end up splurging my money in an unbalanced way and end up too skint to buy something that I really wanted to get later. Same applies to telemarketing. There may be lots of things you may like to try or different people in niche markets to call with different messages but to get the best return it helps to think wisely about how the money will be spent. What’s the most attractive from their perspective from what you can afford?

Have a Deadline…

If only Telemarketing and Marketing campaigns in general were like Christmas! Where there is no time slippage. If things are not done by the 25th December then tough luck .. the big red guy is going to visit anyway like it or not!  I love the way that at this time of year everyone is focused on either “before Christmas” or “After Christmas”. It brings clarity to prioritisation. Anyone who is used to working as part of a team across various marketing agencies or in corporate environments will appreciate this comment as it can be so easy for projects to slip if people in the group are not focused around deadlines.

Catch Up with Old Friends…

I don’t know about you but at Christmas I love catching up with friends and family that I haven’t spoken to in a while. This always brings smiles and a few surprises. Doing this in a marketing and telemarketing context generally means the same. People are reminded about the good things, have fond memories and you come to the forefront of each others minds. Sometimes you can remember to introduce, refer or recommend, it may mean awareness of a new product, it could be to discover circumstances have changed and there is new opportunity ready to be explored.


I have to work with a list or else I would absolutely be certain of forgetting something. The same goes for telemarketing as I know where I am with a campaign and there is a clear outline of progress.

Special and Personalised

The gifts I like receiving the most are those that are special and personal to me. This might be a hand made Christmas card or something that I know someone has thought about when they selected it. I don’t think I am alone in this. Most people like to feel special even if its in the smallest of ways. Taking this into a marketing and telemarketing context it’s about listening properly and closely matching needs and also researching beforehand.  How would I feel if everyone in my family all gave me black socks on Christmas morning? Erm.. a bit dull. Same goes for marketing and telemarketing!


Christmas is a celebratory time with paper hats and crackers. No matter what has gone on throughout the year it’s a time for me to appreciate and be thankful for being able to sit down with family and celebrate simply being together.  When faced with a telemarketing campaign to speak with either past customers or new ones it’s worth remembering that if it weren’t for customers we wouldn’t be here! Each contact and opportunity is one to be appreciated.  It keeps you up to date with what your market wants, what’s important to them, how they feel about you and your products or services, and helps you to develop your business.

Rest and Reflect

I love putting my feet up after Christmas dinner and watching telly in my snuggle blanket (pressie from last year from my nephew!) It’s important to take time out. Sometimes I find I can have my best ideas whilst in a relaxed state of mind. I’m not saying I will tear myself away from the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special to write a newsletter, however, I will make a note of things for after the break. I have learned to build in reflection time into my telemarketing schedule to ensure that on a weekly basis I analyse, evaluate, report and improve campaigns weekly. It helps to get some quiet thinking time too just to fully explore things in my head that could work better for clients … preferably over a glass of sherry!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year One and All!






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