Telemarketing for Marketing Consultants / Agencies

Why have 30% opt ins when you could have 70%?

Marketing Consultants are under so much pressure to get results from campaigns and this can be made more difficult due to the following:

  1. Their client chooses their own Telemarketer and liaises with them directly.
  2. Clients don’t know how to choose their telemarketer.
  3. Marketing Consultants are not in control.

Top Tips and Things to Consider:

  • Skills & experience – the variety and tailoring of a Telemarketer will achieve better results.
  • A trial  – this enables the Marketing Consultant to change and tweak if/where necessary resulting in the client having confidence in the results and seeing it for themselves.
  • Management Information and Feedback – the telemarketer is able to share, as appropriate, with the client.  The Marketing Consultant has tried and tested reports which can assist with future campaigns.
  • Trade Discount – Why not have a financial reward for the strategy you have put into place?  Some Telemarketing Companies like us offer a Trade Price allowing the Marketing Consultant to make money on top.
  • Remove the Middle Man – This keeps the Marketing Consultant in complete control over the Marketing Strategy they recommended, steering the execution in the right direction to meet client objectives.  The Marketing Consultant can take quick action to ensure the end result is to the client’s satisfaction which may not be the case if the Marketing Consultant has no influence in the day to day running of the telemarketing campaign.
  • Understanding the Brief – Telemarketers need to be aware of the Target Audience, Marketing Message, Offers, Things to Avoid, Priorities etc and with this information it will maximise results and capture all opportunities.  Who better to relay the brief than the Marketing Consultant?  Often clients will try and communicate this but unless this is a shared view across all parties confusion may set in and opportunities lost.
  • Mailshot Sending – If the telemarketing company is able to send out the ebroadcasts as part of the campaign this enables them to manage the bounces themselves and get back on the phone to optimise results without having to go through the Marketing Consultant unnecessarily which in turn increases results.
  • Persuasive Opt Ins – The right Telemarketer is the difference between 30% opt in and 70% as just asking for an email address with little skill and persuasion is likely to result in fewer email addresses being obtained.  This is a key area to maximise overall results for the client.
  • Client Experience – Imagine the scenario with the client playing ‘piggy in the middle’ asking questions and delivering feedback from the Telemarketer to the Marketing Consultant and then vice versa.  Not only is this really frustrating for the client but can impact heavily on the overall results.

I hope these tips help you get better results from Telemarketing and it becomes a more pleasurable experience for your clients too as you will be delivering better results.

Thanks for reading.


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