Telemarketing for Accountants

We use our part-qualified accountancy backgrounds to get conversations going and identify areas for improvements for people considering changing accountants.

It’s a difficult area as campaigns will vary depending on the requirements of the accountancy practice and target markets.

Here’s a few tips if you are an accountant considering cold calling to generate new client leads

  • A campaign for general accountancy services will usually require a strong offer and USP initially until a pipeline has been built up. Early leads are generally captured based on a good timing as well as telemarketing skill. The laws of probability are also relevant initially in that if you speak with x amount of people then x amount of people will be interested.
  • Having an offer or strong USP for general accountancy campaign will tip the scales where people are in the market but haven’t got around to changing or doing anything just yet.
  • Marketing by specialist areas and strengths of the practice usually delivers the best kind of results when targeted towards that particular market segment with a strong USP, Call to Action and Offer.
  • Marketing by stage of growth of a business such as Start up, Growth, Winding down, Exit planning can also be more successful as the campaigns are targeted to businesses at these specific areas of growth, development and change.
  • Event marketing such as marketing by filing dates for annual returns, annual accounts, or deadlines for self assessments, P11d’s, employers returns can also be successful as it is seasonally relevant to accountancy needs.

Telemarketing for other aspects of accountancy lead generation

Cold calling for new customers is just one element of telemarketing and we would urge people not to neglect their existing customers.

  • Up-selling services to existing clients
  • Cross-selling services
  • Asking for referrals
  • Asking for Testimonials
  • Client satisfaction surveys and looking for areas of improvement and reducing churn
  • Data cleansing to make sure you always have the relevant contact information for your clients.
  • Opt ins to email promotions and newsletters
  • Delegate booking for inviting clients to speaker or workshop events
  • Social Media Telemarketing to connect via various social media channels for day to day contact such as linkedin, twitter, facebook, forums, ecademy, in line with the practices preferences.

I hope this gives you some ideas and tips but if you would like to have a chat then please get in contact to see what we could do for your individual practice.

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