Telemarketing Apprentice Schemes or Lack Of!

I have been stewing on this for a while now as there are currently no options to recruit Apprentices for Telemarketing in my region. This is because there are no appropriate courses and according to my local college it is “a protected industry”.

Like, Just what does that mean?  “Protected Industry” ?

Do businesses not need to sell then?

Do they not need to get feedback on their products or services from their customers?

Do they not need to make money?

Should they ride out the recession without picking up the phone to get more orders or just rely on direct mail, spam emails, internet marketing, and advertising?

An apprentice could undertake a college course in Marketing, or Customer Service, or Business Administration, even Astronomy but not actual Telemarketing.

OK, so perhaps there are people out there who believe it is not a proper job but this is an opportunity to learn so much about business from being “at the sharp end”. What I mean by that is that all the business administration in the world doesn’t prepare someone for actually asking for the sale whether face to face, by phone, or by email.   I have come across so many highly educated and well prepared business people who have done everything by the business plan and invested lots of money in their business set up only to come to a grinding halt when it comes to actually getting the sales in. In most of these cases it is because they lack the skills and therefore lack the confidence.

I have just been browsing through apprentice courses that are available and what hits me is that out of 80 odd pages of courses at different locations there were only two that related to sales.  There is one (just one!) about 35 miles away that includes telesales through a private training centre rather than a college.

It begs the question if we are shy of sales in our business administration courses?

The structure of many medium sized organisation will have functional responsibility for areas such as Finance, HR, IT, Sales and Marketing, Operations and Customer Service.

There is a huge range of other courses from Gaming, Astronomy, Dance, Life Skills etc and yet it seems odd to me that there is next to zero available relating to Sales.

I would be really interested to hear peoples views on this as I would dearly love to be able to employ people with training and development in mind.

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