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Telemarketing with numbers blocked or with held

Blocking phone numbers on outbound telemarketing calls immediately gives the impression that whoever is calling does not want to be called back, identified or looked up online. Which begs the question “Why is that?”. It’s very common for telemarketing companies to block their phone numbers when they make outbound telemarketing calls.


My Wife Hates Cold Calling!

I heard this phrase today and I have heard this several times in the past couple of months. The scenario is husband and wife businesses and it is the wife that does the cold calling.  She finds it an unpleasant task (a bit like the ironing I suspect) as no matter how much you do […]


Ideas For Measuring Telemarketing Efforts

Ever wondered what kind of telemarketing statistics a telemarketing agency uses? What kind of things to consider when measuring the effectiveness aswell as the volume of telemarketing calls? This article covers a range of telemarketing measures for both quality and quantity and the advantages of some of these formulas and ratios.


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