PMT Moments!

Social Media Experts… Shame on Some of You!!

Beware the social media expert who creates fake profiles for conversations… this may not be the quality engagement you were looking for!


Women are “Disadvantaged” in Business and deserve funding because they are women!

Well, Business Link East seems to think so.  They have women in a category of “Disadvantaged” and so they still qualify for Start up vouchers along with ethnic minorities, young people at risk, people over the age of 50, disabled, and long term unemployed* So how do other people feel about this? My personal view […]


Why a Blog could be the death of your business!

Are you really ready to blog or could this be the beginning of the end of your business?


Introducing the PMT tag!

From time to time, possibly around the same time of the month, I usually get a bit stroppy and animated about something so I thought I would be kind enough to share some of these views.  I’m afraid I have to do this in my quest to eat less chocolate. … oh, I can feel […]


Telemarketing Apprentice Schemes or Lack Of!

I have been stewing on this for a while now as there are currently no options to recruit Apprentices for Telemarketing in my region. This is because there are no appropriate courses and according to my local college it is “a protected industry”. Like, Just what does that mean?  “Protected Industry” ? Do businesses not […]


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