Market Research Calls

Maxxy Offers Assistance via Business Link East Supplier Brokerage Network

If you are recently starting out in business or are about to set up your new business then you may be interested to hear that Maxxy is accepted as a supplier for the Business Link East Supplier Brokerage Network. This scheme has been running for quite a long time but was recently under threat of […]


Firmographics is a real word! How do you use it?

I came across this word today when I was looking for something else and it’s funny but I was never actually sure before whether this was a real word. I had assumed it was made up and had just caught on with some folks over time. Anyway, Firmographics is in Wikipedia so it must be […]


Gentle Telemarketing that gets results

You know you need to do it but dread the thought of cold calling.  Here are a few ideas if you would like to ease in gently to cold calling, where a gentle approach to making calls could make it more comfortable and build confidence


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