Maxxy Offers Assistance via Business Link East Supplier Brokerage Network

If you are recently starting out in business or are about to set up your new business then you may be interested to hear that Maxxy is accepted as a supplier for the Business Link East Supplier Brokerage Network. This scheme has been running for quite a long time but was recently under threat of […]


Top Tips for Not Wasting Money As A Start Up

I read this article today and was inspired to think about what tips I would give others for not wasting money as a start up.  The article I read is here: Ten Ways to Waste Money On A Start Up If you were to write your Top Ten list for ways to NOT Waste Money […]


What’s in your freebie business toolkit?

Here’s my list of freebies that I often recommend to help with businesses starting up and marketing on a shoestring.


Would you point out spelling mistakes on websites?

I am probably showing my age and I don’t mean to be a spelling snob but I think it can really put readers off when there are spelling mistakes all over a website. So, the question is would you contact a complete stranger to let them know of their spelling mistakes? And, would you want other […]


Thanks for dropping by!

Welcome to my telemarketing, marketing and general ramblings.  It gives me something to do during tea breaks or whilst I am on hold! Feel free to comment and ask questions or Sign up to the Maxxy newsletter for telemarketing tips and news, or subscribe to the rss feed.  I hope you can benefit from some […]


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