Target Audience or Product.. which comes first?

Last nights episode of The Apprentice was all about biscuits and what I found particularly interesting was the discussions about the product and the target audience. Photo Credit: storem via Compfight Melody became a bit of a broken record going on about “target audience” but as annoying as she may have been to the project […]


Social Media and Telemarketing for Accountants

I’ve just added my comments to an article at Accountancy Age but it hasn’t been published yet so I thought I would add my comments here for people to see straight away. The general gist of the article is that neither Social Media or Telemarketing for Accountants are good marketing methods for new business development. […]


Features and Benefits for Accountancy Marketing

The biggest challenge that I hear from Accountants looking to market their practices is to get the marketing messages right for Features & Benefits. Yes we know that accountancy is not the most riveting subject on the planet however don’t underestimate how important it is for some people. Lots of accountants take the view “It’s […]


Why I am supporting “What is an Accountant?”

I can whole heartedly say from my experience of telemarketing for accountants that there are a lot of people out there who are blissfully unaware that anyone can legally call themselves an Accountant, whether qualified, experienced, or not! A conversation with a friend of mine yesterday proved that point when I was telling her about […]


I love an accountant with an offer!

It makes such a difference.  (I already know I need to get out more!) No more “we provide great service” or “we provide fixed fees”. It takes a wee bit more to get prospects interested enough to engage in a proper conversation about their business accountancy requirements especially if they have a good, loyal, long-standing relationship with […]


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