Put that Phone Book Down!

Reasons NOT to use The Phone Book for telemarketing…

  1. It is not TPS checked so you are breaking UK law if calling straight from it without TPS checking and could risk a £5k fine per call PLUS you will get some very angry people … are these likely to buy from you?
  2. Not all of your target audience will be in the phone book – consider time lag since publication, people who are not with BT or not advertised in Yellow Pages, businesses which use VOIP numbers, new businesses not yet listed, etc
  3. Numbers listed may not be in your geographical target area if using a non geographical number
  4. Companies may have ceased trading or have a poor credit rating
  5. There no contact names (or very few)
  6. There is no indication of size of business, sales turnover, credit rating, number of employees so difficult to know if they are your target audience
  7. You cannot share a book between several callers (although I have seen people rip pages out of the book and distribute pages to staff!)
  8. You cannot make notes for organised follow up with a diary system
  9. There is no indication of limited company or non limited if just trading names are published or they may be part of a franchise where purchasing power is held centrally.
  10. It is likely to be against the terms and conditions of the phone directory to use as a database or for unsolicited cold calls

Just because you see them do it on the Apprentice, it is not what successful telemarketers do (or we would starve and not be able to pay our bills). 

Profiled data lists can be purchased for telemarketing purposes inexpensively and the benefits of using a decent list will usually yield a good level of return on investment.

Some Telemarketers like us can provide data either in with their costs or at an extra cost depending on requirements or can refer you to a data supplier.

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