Maxxy Video Journey with Powerpoint and imovie

I just HAD to write a little article about my recent journey into imovie and Garageband all with the helping hand of some lovely youtubers kind enough to do tutorials for all my little questions.  I don’t mind admitting that I learned how to do some bits and pieces from an 11 yr old in America wearing a beanie hat!  Maxxy Telemarketing

If you are anything like me then learning time is a bit of a luxury! Especially when it comes to new technologies. Either I am getting old or the world is moving at an alarming rate regards technology or a bit of both.

I’ve been glued to my screen for a good few hours youtubing and for anyone struggling with how to do something I cannot recommend loudly enough GO TO YOUTUBE!

There are oodles and oodles of tutorials, screencasts, step by step instructions on just about anything that you would want to know.

It’s like cooking with a recipe book to refer to.

I mention this as I get asked regularly by friends and family how I keep up with stuff when running my own business. Honestly, Youtube is your friend.

I’m in the process of moving a lot of my stuff onto youtube in the form of tutorials, how-to’s, and general information to help out the kinds of people that I work with. Usually these are professionals and accountants who are too busy and not inclined to spend too much time researching or thinking about things that are not on the must-do list for their business.

My channel is “Maxxy129″ so hopefully see you there :)

In the meantime you may like a couple of the videos that I have favourited recently

How to make a movie with powerpoint and imovie

Garage Band Tutorial



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