Little things can make a big difference to telemarketing results

Working with some new people this week, I am reminded that often it is the little things that can make a big difference to overall telemarketing results.

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Here are some of my top tips:

1)  Really understand the benefits to prospective customers

If you just focus on the features, why the product or service is being promoted, or what to say, you miss the opportunity to really put yourself in the shoes of the prospective customer.

Consider their industry, their stage of growth, what’s likely to be important to them and then evaluate your approach further.

If you were them, what would you think? What would bring the most benefit to you and what do those benefits look like? (more sales, less cost, more profit,

2)  Be open minded and do not assume

I find it extremely helpful to measure and record lots of activity throughout the calling process. This information can then be assessed objectively in order to find opportunities for improvement.

Trust that the calling that you are doing is valuable and is attractive to prospects. Remember that employers and businesses do not spend money promoting something that is unpopular.

3)  Careful use of open and closed questions

If you are trying to get a conversation going then do not ask closed questions such as

“Would you like?”

“Would you be interested in?”

“Do you want?”


This closes off conversation. It can be useful if you are trying to steer or control a call but not very helpful at all if you are trying to gather information or get dialogue flowing or build up a rapport.

Use open questions instead. These usually start with “What, Why, How, Where, When”

Be careful of using the in the context of a leading question such as “What benefits would xyz bring to you?” if this is not your intention or if this is inappropriately timed in a call.

4)  Tone of voice

Tone can often be more important than what is actually being said!  A friendly, confident, informative, professional tone is much more welcome and respected than a bland, slow, insecure tone. Check how your tone of voice comes across. You may feel that you are portraying confidence and friendly tones but make an effort to listen to what you sound like. If you don’t have call recording equipment then simply calling your mobile phone voicemail and recording a message to listen to can help assess basic tones.

Experiment with slightly altered tones to bring your voice up a bit higher than usual is often a recommendation that I make but that doesn’t suit everyone.

5)  Preparation and Follow Up

Although telemarketing can work well on it’s own it can work even better with the right kind of preparation and follow up. Sometimes people choose not to send information when it has been requested which can be a missed opportunity.

I hope these help, let me know what you think.

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