It’s Always About Results In Sales!

I had to have a bit of a giggle at last night’s The Apprentice. It’s always about sales results isn’t it? Both on the show and in real life. It’s a fact of life and if you don’t like this then don’t be in Sales!

You're Fired

Poor Laura got the boot because of her poor sales performance even though she has a strong track record in real life. She also was a great contributor to the tasks. But none of that matters when it is time for the scores to be announced along with individual sales contribution.


If you announce to the world that you are a “Top Salesperson” then there is already an expectation set.  In my business I put myself out there as a Top Telemarketing Agency so obviously there are expectations set already with prospective clients. Sometimes I have to re-set expectations as being perceived as good/great/above average etc doesn’t help for an objective forecast.  It doesn’t make someone a magician and it is important that people spending or investing money have a realistic and objective set of expectations.

Individual focus

If ever there is a time when sales are judged on individual merits to a deadline it is time to dump the “team spirit” mentality to a certain extent and focus on individual action. It is not the time to be schmoozing and asking people “are you having a nice time?”.

When the sales focus is on in real life it is about

*  Preparation

*  Qualifying

*  Asking for the sale

Inbound Marketing Versus Outbound Marketing

We see this in all walks of business life and as I type this blog I think about the debates that go on over at UK Business Forums (see post 29) with the inbound marketing versus the outbound marketing people.

Some people concentrate on bringing customers to them via Search Engine Optimisation, converting traffic to enquiries, and generally getting the phone to ring.  For others it is about getting off their butts and marketing directly to the customers they want to do business with.  The rights and wrongs of inbound versus outbound and finding the right balance would make for an enormous blog article but generally it works well where it is a deliberate and well thought out strategy based on key metrics such as Cost-to-acquire.

Unfortunately though, sales strategies can also be influenced by what the small business person is comfortable with.

Some people think that as long as they are in front of the right target audience the sales will come in.

This leads me to thinking that networking, social media, email marketing, and similar easy ways of coming into contact with potential customers is the new “schmoozing”.

I work with lots of businesses where “online schmoozing” is the preferred sales and marketing strategy.

That’s fine if you are a small business that can afford the time and money to fund huge pipeline building on the whim, hope and prayer that sales will come in naturally.

But for the many SME’s that cannot fund that sort of approach …. it’s time to ask for the sale!




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