Is Quora For Geeks?

I have been chuckling to myself since seeing a comment posted in response to this article

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The 3rd comment on this article responded with “Quora is for Geeks. Period”

Now I don’t think of myself as too geeky. I’ll let you into a secret that I struggle with putting new batteries in my mouse the right way sometimes so I am hardly some silicon valley chick!

But I do use Quora, it’s a cool place to hang out online in my view as it’s jam packed full of advice, tips, case studies, and information that makes either heavy reading or light reading depending on what topics you follow. People really do go to get lengths to make good quality postings on there and answers are generally well thought out and supported with other links or material. I find some of the posts very entertaining and humourous too … not something I associate with geeks generally.

And is it just for silicon valley techy types?

No, I don’t think so. Just recently I read a question posed and some of the answers and gave my own answer only to find that the original poster was a business chappie just up the road from me. It’s nice to have different types of conversations too with connections that I have via other platforms.

Deeper connections?

If you think about some of the other main platforms out there they all have their areas they are strong in for example

* Facebook for friends, chit chat, groups, support, but not really appropriate for long lengthy or serious discussions.

* Twitter again short rapid chit chat, lots of connections but anything else of a longer conversation gets taken off to a blog or forum or somewhere else.

* Linkedin shows resumes and people only demonstrate thoughts and expertise via discussion groups usually and even then there is some underlying etiquette about not being a bore or waffling on too much or going into too much detail. This misses a trick actually in my view where some substance would be nice to see on occasions for linkedin members claiming to be experts in something.

* Youtube … well it’s all visual isn’t it and the interactions are via the comments and responses. Very difficult to link to other webpages in a conversational manner or one which supports a debate.

The “Voting Up” feature for answers and more recently the “Ask to Answer” features are tools that build credibility and these in turn entice others to follow you or topics or a board.

The categories on this article are Business and Tech, Food and Entertainment, Politics & Social Sciences, Health & Life advice and Other. Not the most meaningful categories in the world and it’s a shame that these couldn’t be broken down further to demonstrate a bit better how Quora is attracting a different audience.

All I know is that the connections that I have on Quora are not all geeky and techy types.

If you haven’t looked at Quora recently then you might like it a bit more now since it’s not all Geeks on there I promise :)

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