I hate being in moderation!! Get me out!

So you have carefully and painstakingly written your blog article and selected a nice image.

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You have most likely put in tags, assigned to categories, and made it seo friendly.  Then you have probably also thought about promoting it such as where and when to schedule it for, where to promote it,  thought up some great eye catching headlines, possibly even primed a few people to be on standby to comment and share your article with their tribes…

… your article lands in front of a complete stranger who is interested and engaged enough to comment immediately with the intention of sharing further with their tribe. Bullseye!  This is exactly what you want and then…

… “Awaiting Moderation”


This now means that the commenter is tapping their fingers on the desk, pacing up and down, and getting impatient.

You see if this was me then it’s likely that this was gonna be great content for me to share with other people in a timely manner and now that momentum has been spoilt.

I was going to share it in several places with all my best people who may have turned into subscribers and regular visitors as they probably would have liked your content as much as me and also go on to share it hot-off-the-press with others.

But they would be drumming their fingers on the desk too, and pacing up and down.

If it goes past a couple of minutes then if it is still interesting and timely enough for me to share then the next step for me is to write on my own blog or other place and share it that way and just link back to your article.

Now who has the visitor? Me or you?

Who gets shared? Me or you?

So if you want my traffic don’t hold me in moderation for too long.

I feel like I am on the naughty step and being the rebellious sort that I am I shall sneak off somewhere else :)

Is Moderation by Exception possible?

There are usually conditions that can be set to decide whether everything gets moderated before published or whether certain things get moderated instead such as number of links, or cetain words used.  There are other things that can be done instead depending on what’s appropriate.

But really moderation by exception rather than the rule is generally a better way to go to avoid losing people who are impatient to share great content.


  • http://sharp-end-training.co.uk/why-i-unfollowed-so-many-people/ jonathan

    Nice thoughts as usual – I used to hold all comments in moderation and not approve the negative comments.

    But then hey – life’s to short to miss out on somebody pointing out your spelling mistakes to you..

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