Don’t risk a £5000 fine through Cold Calling

Some organisations small and large are still not aware of the Telephone Preference Service.

If  it is not cost effective for you to subscribe to a corporate license then consider using one of the free providers for free such as and a link to this is also provided below

Unsolicited cold calls to a number registered on TPS carries the risk of a £5000 fine per call.

Unsolicited means where that person has not asked you to call them, or agreed for you to call them, or given or shared their details with you for the purpose of you calling them.  More information on the definitions of Unsolicited cold calling can be obtained from your local Trading Standards.

The other benefit of TPS checking apart from not running the risk of a fine is that you will be calling people who are more responsive to your calls. 


Note – the free checks are if you check each one individually but for small volumes it is a workable solution especially if using copy & paste.

  • Spencer Clarke

    Maxine – great post – thank you
    I agree that the free sites are good for TPS and CTPS checking for individual and low volume lists. offers very low priced, fast online screening if any of your subscribers want good value for larger lists they’re targeting in 2012. And I’m offering a 20% discount for new subscribers in December too :)

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  • Shaun Gisbourne

    Cannot overstate the importance of this.
    There is also the CTPS for companies that have decided they’d rather receive no telephone calls. A reputable data list provider, such as CorpData in the UK can help here.
    Thank you Maxine!

  • Neil Ryder

    Thanks for the reminder. Easy to forget this.

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  • Nikki Cooke (The Word Well)

    Thanks for flagging this up again… A very important issue cold callers need to get to grips with.

  • David Carey

    Great post, we can’t stress this to people enough either!

    It really does you no favours blindly trawling through a phone book, TPS checking is essential when canvassing.

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