Do you track Annual Returns that you are not responsible for?

During a telemarketing campaign last week we called a prospect that had gone overdue with their Annual Return the day before.

The prospect was one of our Accountancy client’s existing customers.

The Accountant did not track the return as he wasn’t responsible for performing this task as it was something that his customer decided to keep in house and do themselves.

The telephone call prompted further work for the Accountant (our client) as they had a more complicated piece of work to do with reviewing shareholding amongst other things.

So this prompted me to think about whether Accountants and Bookkeepers monitor performance of Annual Returns being filed on time for their clients, even if they are not responsible for this and I thought I would put up this quick poll for us all to see the outcome.

[polldaddy poll=2191559]

Thanks for reading and sharing :)


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