Cold Calling to Solicitors

I get asked to share stats so here are a few from today from a sample of cold calls made to Solicitors in London to generate leads for Accountancy Services.

23% of all Call Attempts were unsuccessful.  This was because either because the line was engaged (20%) or it was not answered at all (25%) or it went straight to voicemail or answering machine (55%)

38% of the voicemail messages stated that the Solicitors Offices were closed for lunch between 1-2pm so this is a time to avoid for cold calling.

Over half of the successful calls, either opted in to receive further information by email or by post (and a small proportion of these became fully qualified for appointments or call backs)

The main reasons given for not being interested in our call or changing Accountants was as follows:

  • Not receptive to cold calls 28%
  • Inhouse Accountant 27%
  • Been with Accountant a very long time 18%
  • Family member employed as Accountant 9%
  • Very happy with existing Accountant 9%
  • Practice is Closing for various reasons 9%

I hope this is of interest and would be interested to hear your comments

  • Solicitor Business Development

    What is most fascinating here is the shocking levels of customer service offered by so many firms!

    I cannot believe so firms still just shut down for lunch. This is exactly the time many clients want to contact them. I shudder to think how many prospective clients are lost in that one hour.

    And the appaling number of abandonned calls. Wow – just some cheap call handling service would improve this immeasurably.

    Maxine, this are brilliantly revealing statistics so thanks for sharing them with us.

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