Cold Calling Teachers

Here are a few tips if you are cold calling to school teachers

Teachers are very busy people and don’t appreciate being interrupted during their busy schedule for cold calls.

Now before you say it.. I know that nobody does!

However, cold calling is a way of business life and those that feel strongly will opt out of receiving cold calls by subscribing to the TPS/CTPS (Telephone Preference Service or Corporate Telephone Preference Service).

Some of us make cold calls for a variety of reasons and just because they may have been written to first or emailed doesn’t make them any warmer… they are still “unsolicited”.

So here are my few tips for anyone cold calling to teachers in schools

  • Don’t assume that the end of the school day is the best time to call as often there are staff meetings, parents meetings, clubs or other activities and events.
  • Find out when the teacher next has a free period as this can be a good time to call.
  • Early morning calls ie; 7.30-8.30am can also be good before the actual start of the school day.
  • Manage a very tight call back diary – call back precisely at the times they have given you.
  • Have everything to hand such as pricing and diary information as you may not get another chance for a while if you or they need to call back.
  • Be prepared to have conversations during the evenings on their personal mobile numbers if they ask you for this.
  • Use a combination of telephone and email to respect their time.
  • Accept there is a higher than usual drop-out rate of appointments so keep meetings as short as possible or teachers will be too reluctant to commit to a meeting or visit.
  • Cleanse prospect and contact data frequently as staff change responsibilities.

Good luck and hope you find my tips useful :)   Comments welcome as always

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