Cold Calling from Twitter could get you a £5k fine!

As most people are aware the TPS for individuals and CTPS for businesses has been in place for a while.  What some people are seemingly not aware of is that calling a follower or someone you are following, or someone from a hashtag conversation is still an Unsolicited Cold Call.

That means that if you have not checked the phone number against the Telephone Preference Service then you could still run the risk of a £5,000 fine – per call.

I phone Trading Standards periodically to check whether any papers have been produced on this subject yet, and not just exclusively to Twitter but all Social Media Channels including Linked In, Business Forums, Facebook etc and, whilst a paper has not been produced yet, their message is very clear in that just because you have “connected” with someone it does not mean they have given permission to receive sales calls and therefore the call is still unsolicited.

You can obtain free tps checks from which allows up to 5 per day free of charge with a low cost structure thereafter.

Another low cost alternative is from the 1check service at Selectabase which allows unlimited checks for £10 per month

or £60 for 10,000 via their Easycheck system.

  • Paul Jennings

    So the simple way around this is to share useful content that prospects would find useful, engage with them and then call and make it conversational about what they’ve said in posts, if they’ve shared or RT’d that would be a great way to then thank them!

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