Call Recordings for training and development

Coming from a call centre management background I have always had to work with call recordings for ongoing evaluation and development purposes.

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It was always such a chore to undertake these evaluations at a rate of X amount of calls per person per week and alway felt no matter how the process was used it was always perceived to be a “big brother” approach to training and development with the emphasis on catching people doing something wrong.

It’s so nice that in my own business I can use call recordings for training and development purposes in a positive way.

I like to record some of my own calls. It’s only me that listens to them. I have no bosses that are waiting for a report. Phew!

Other people like listening to their own recorded calls too.

It’s not usual for most people to want to develop and improve in their job roles and telemarketing is no different. If anything, people can be keener than average as their performance is often linked to bonuses so it’s in their interest to improve their skills.

It also takes the pressure off trying to remember conversations whilst actually on the phone if you know you can relax, enjoy the call, and listen to it afterwards undistracted from real life calling.

It gives an opportunity to “split test” things too where an opening, pitch, or handling an objection in a certain way can be measured and compared to an alternative way.

It puts greater emphasis on skills and techniques and becomes less personal.

It’s also great to be able to provide call recordings to clients too so they can actually hear for themselves how their brand is being represented and what their prospective customers are saying.

So to summarise, call recordings are a wonderful tool if used in a positive way and not used simply as a tool to beat agents up with.

I’m really interested to hear other people’s experiences.

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