Being “rewarded” with a basic salary for telemarketing!

I’ve seen this phrase used quite a bit recently on forums and discussion groups and it always makes me smile.

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Usually it is written by business owners who do not want to commit to a basic salary without being sure that their employee is going to earn the salary. Quite often the salary they are afraid of committing to is minimum wage.

Now actually I have mixed feelings on national minimum wage. Some employers will always get around this with things such as Internships, Unpaid work trials, Informal Apprentice Schemes and of course the Self-Employed Employee! If there really is that element of risk in the business model with the cost of sales being too much of a burden on profit margins then there is usually a clue there …. Either the price is not profitable to be a going concern or the cost of sales is too high and alternative methods should be sought.

But anyway. Back to the point of being rewarded with a basic minimum wage after proving delivery of results on a pay per lead or commission bonus scheme.

Why would anyone in telemarketing want to opt for a lesser financially rewarding alternative to the one they started out on just because the employer now feels comfortable supporting risk and cost?

It’s ludicrous and honestly has me worrying about the state of business owners level of commercial thinking.

Imagine you are a telemarketer and you work on a pay on results basis only and earn a nice wedge after supporting own costs, often building up a pipeline in the early days for results to filter through later on and then instead of getting £300-£500 per week the income being proposed is in the region of £200 per week. There is no real incentive is there?

I hope this provides another view point for anyone thinking of “rewarding” a telemarketer with a basic wage.

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