Alternatives to Telemarketing using Phone Book data

The Phone Book can seem like an easy source of prospects to call but really it is the devil in disguise for this purpose! It’s not targeted, it’s not tps checked, it doesn’t have contact names or up to date information.

If you are after free or low cost data sources consider the following:

  • Companies House DVD for £30 which gives a snapshot of all uk limited companies registered.  It doesn’t provide marketing information such as contact names, phone numbers but it can be a good starting point to list all companies either by standard industry code or geographical area for researching the company online to find phone numbers and contact names.
  • Internet directories can be useful to find company information by industry descriptions or geographical areas.. 
  • Chambers of Commerce Directory for members and other business associations also provide directories of members. Sometimes the organisation will say it’s OK for cold calling but be wary of spamming your fellow members.
  • Trade publications can be useful for finding out who’s who in an organisation with contact names, job titles, phone numbers, web address.
  • Community magazines carry adverts, articles, advertorials, with contact names, job titles, phone numbers, web addresses.
  • Exhibitor lists may also give details of companies with contact names, web addresses and types of services offered
  • Professional Associations which lists members by professionalism, experience, geographical location. Sometimes links to web sites.

Always TPS check and be aware of terms and conditions that expressly prohibit using a directory for cold calling purposes.

Free TPS –checks (up to 5 per day) are available from and for low cost TPS checks visit

Remember that tps checks are only valid for 28 days and relate to businesses as well as consumers.

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