34% of Accountants don’t answer the phone!

This is much higher than we usually experience for no answers / engaged / answering machines compared with other industries that we call and these calls were made during normal office hours and not at lunchtime.

Does this mean that the popularity of call answering services for accountants is reducing?

Does it perhaps mean that they are too busy to answer the phone?

Does it mean that it is an indication generally that some Accountants are less customer focused that other businesses?

Apologies to those who are providing a great service but I really thought I should share this so that the other 66% of Accountants can feel happy with themselves.

But really, what is a company saying about itself when the first impression a potential new customer has when they try to call is that they cannot get through? It doesn’t inspire confidence that future enquiries and queries will be handled promptly.

And what marketing spend is being wasted either through pay-per-click campaigns, telemarketing, direct mail etc, when the potential new client decides to call and then is put off by there being no answer…or even worse, an answering machine message saying “sorry but the office is closed now until Monday”.  I mean, come on, it’s only Wednesday today!

None of these Accountants that we called today gave callers the opportunity to wait in a queue if they wanted to.  Just zero, nothing, zilch, not even the option of a mobile number to call, or an indication of when they would be available.

Just thought I would share :)

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