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"We found telemarketing to be very worthwhile. The Lead Generation and Making Appointments by Anna for our Sales Team have been valued and enabled opportunities we would not have had."
Patricia Moss, Operations Director, Anglia Circuits Ltd, St Ives, Cambs


" Maxine provided telemarketing, marketing help and training for us. She really does know her stuff. We highly recommend her for any marketing needs you have. If she can't get you results, I don't think anyone could!!! She is Cambridgeshire's Ruth Badger (but much nicer!) "
Sallie Steward, Managing Director, Easiprint Ltd, Huntingdon, Cambs



Telemarketing for Marketing Consultants


We understand that Marketing Consultants can be under pressure from their clients to get results from campaigns


The opportunity arises where a client chooses their own telemarketer and liaises with them directly. Quite often the client is not aware of the best ways to select a telemarketing agency and the Marketing Consultant is not in control of their marketing strategy for their client.



Save time and get the best results for your client


We like working with Marketing Consultants as we get a clear sense of direction. You can save time with us as we are experienced at recommending telemarketing approaches to complement the overall marketing strategy. This may include data to support the campaign or calling guides with very loose scripts.


Obtain 70% Opt Ins instead of 30%


Making calls to obtain email addresses for permission based marketing is not as easy as people think as it can often require calls of a persuasive nature to obtain the maximum level of "Opt Ins". People are more likely to give specific email addresses or decision maker contact names where they believe the product or service is interesting and relevant to them.


Manage your bounces and undelivered emails


It makes sense for telemarketers to be used to take action where emails are not delivered as would be expected from the email addresses obtained so that another call can be made quickly to maximise receipients.


Client Confidence in Marketing Strategy


Reviewing regularly provides an opportunity to act upon feedback early in a campaign to get the best results. It also shows the client the return on investment at the early stages giving confidence that the plan will be successful and worthwhile. Short trials allow responses to be tested in a matter of hours.


Data Cleansing for Marketing Campaigns


Our efforts for data cleansing are usually twofold. Firstly to ensure the existing data is up to date for newsletters, email broadcasting and direct mail. Secondly to ensure that the most targetted decision maker contact details are obtained for specific campaign requirements.