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"We found telemarketing to be very worthwhile. The Lead Generation and Making Appointments by Anna for our Sales Team have been valued and enabled opportunities we would not have had."
Patricia Moss, Operations Director, Anglia Circuits Ltd, St Ives, Cambs


" Maxine provided telemarketing, marketing help and training for us. She really does know her stuff. We highly recommend her for any marketing needs you have. If she can't get you results, I don't think anyone could!!! She is Cambridgeshire's Ruth Badger (but much nicer!) "
Sallie Steward, Managing Director, Easiprint Ltd, Huntingdon, Cambs



Customer Satisfaction Surveys



The use of customer surveys carried out by a third party can be particularly useful to illicit information that clients and customers may not feel comfortable about telling you directly. People will generally be more honest and open with a third party whether this is via a telemarketing call or an online survey.


It is a way of keeping in touch with your existing customer base and to measure your performance periodically and helps to reduce churn from customers leaving you to go to another supplier.


If people do choose to leave you then a call to find out why from a third party can be very useful for you to find and who know... you may be able to win them back


This can keep track of trends and behaviours and can also ask questions about hot-topics or competitors


It can also be particularly useful to keep track of how your "USP" or Unique Selling Point is perceived or help with key messages for advertising and promotions.



Survey Evaluation & Recommendations


We are happy to evaluate the responses from the surveys and to prepare a document for recommendations for improvement.



Added benefits

from surveys


Surveys may also stimulate sales opportunities either for core products and services or for upselling and cross selling. It also provides an opportunity to cleanse data ensuring contact information is kept up to date for ongoing marketing purposes.